Who is the creator behind this?


Jasper, also known by his online alias as Fizz, is a 17-year-old aspiring marine biologist and creative writer who's favorite things are sharks and roblox, with an aspiration at first of something that included any one of those. Jasper also currently runs the robloxstims twitter account made specifically for his interest in roblox, and is dedicated to posting roblox gifs. [He loves everyone on the acc they are all his favorite people :3]

A little bit more about me: I'm an Atheistic Satanist part of The Satanic Temple and plan on getting an official membership soon. I will be glad to explain my religion to you if you are not going to be mean about it!!

If you'd like to know another thing, Jasper isn't actually my first chosen name! It's Xander! Jasper is my middle name, and my name goes in the format of Xander Jasper [LN]. I go by Jasper because of how my parents always use their middle names for things, and use my middle name too. Either Xander or Jasper I will respond to in a real life and online situation. My online alias as Fizz is only for online.

Above are my flags! In order: Boyflux, Transgender, Demisexual, Achilliean, and Polyamorous. As for my relationship status, I'm currently with my partner K├Ânig. :3 as well as in a QPR with Subspace!! If you'd like to know, I also go by He/They pronouns as well as neopronouns!!

I am an avid OC creator and writer, and some of my free time is spent making a new story and sharing it with people who enjoy those kinds of work. My work doesn't consist purely of one singular genre, and spans over multiple, but all have a fantasy setting in common using my own world I've built up for my OCs over the past few years. You can read more about my world in the Ocs section of my site.

I'm just your average robloxian catboy on the internet. Doing my silly little marine biology as I speak English and Russian. Creator of the:


I've had an ongoing interest in Roblox for 8 years now [2015] and don't think I'll be stepping down from the platform anytime soon or in the future. I've met and got to know really all of my current friends and friend group on the platform as well, all of them have a special place in my heart, even my first friends on the platform who I may not interact with anymore.

Pretty gay people (MY FRIENDS)