Jaspurr's Happy Place is made by the greatest man alive, Jasper, aka vulpinezone. Dedicated to randomly posting shark pics and just a main host for all of his information, Jaspurr's Happy Place is also made by the worst person ever at coding. He's getting better at it though, just give him time please and than you because he's improving on coding.

If you go to the ABOUT section, you'll see more about Jasper himself! If you go to the WEBRINGS section, you'll see what webrings Jasper is in and especially things related to his favorite characters (wink wink nudge nudge.) The SOCIALS section has all of the sites he's on, and the OCS section has all of his ocs!! The BLOG section is just little life updates! I talk a lot sometimes.

Today I'm feeling... The current mood of holoville at www.imood.com

Thank you to the sillies who made this possible in the game HAPPY HERBS on roblox!!